Legendary: Game of Heroes Cheats: 8 Best Tips for Newbie, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Legendary: Game of Heroes for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Legendary: Game of Heroes Tip #1: Team Leader.
Time to set your team's leader. when a hero is set as leader, it activates a special leader skill that buffs the whole team.

Legendary: Game of Heroes Tip #2: Missions.
Complete missions and collect heroes to Increase your power.
You'll need a strong team to top the event leaderboards.

Legendary: Game of Heroes Tip #3: Friends and Adventurers.
Choose another player's leader to join your team in battle.
Upon victory, you will send that player Honor Points to thank them.

Legendary: Game of Heroes Tip #4: Allies and Leader's Skills.
You will bring your Ally's Leader Hero into battle.
By joining your team, it also activates this hero's Leader Skill.

Legendary: Game of Heroes Tip #5: Power Gems.
Create Power Gems by matching five or more gems of the same color.
The more gems in a match, the stronger the Power Gem you will create.

Power Gems are extremely valuable in battle.
Use a Power Gem in a match and your hero will attack all enemies at once and gain a massive boost in damage.

Legendary: Game of Heroes Tip #6: Notifications.
Notifications are the best way to stay up to date with Legendary.
Get notified when friends use you in battle, when players accept your friend requests and more.

Legendary: Game of Heroes Tip #7: Team Up attacks.
Swap two adjacent Power Gems of any color to trigger a devastating Team Up attack.
Team Up attacks can deal massive damage

Legendary: Game of Heroes Tip #8: Battle Skill.
Each hero has a unique Battle Skill they can trigger in battle.
Charge a hero's skill by matching gems of their affinity color.
Once charged, tap a hero to activate its skill.

To learn the full details of your heroes' skills, hold down your finger on their card in battle.

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