LINE RUSH Cheats: 8 Best Tips for Newbie, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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LINE RUSH for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

LINE RUSH Tip #1: What are Hearts?
Hearts are an item that are required to play episodes.
1 Heart is used up each time you play the game.

Hearts are recharged over time up to the 5th Heart. It is also possible to send Hearts to friends.
Please be aware that if you have more than 5 Hearts, you won't be able to accept Hearts from friends.

You can get Hearts by exchanging Rubies for them, or by inviting friends to play the game.
You can see Hearts you have received from friends in your Messages, which you can go to by tapping the Messages icon.
Also, if you send Hearts to friends, you'll get Gift Points.

So invite your LINE friends to get as many Hearts as you can!

LINE RUSH Tip #2: What are Keys?
Keys are an item required to play Stage Mode.
You can purchase Keys in exchange for Rubies.
Keys are recharged at 11am daily (GMT+9).

LINE RUSH Tip #3: What are Rubies?
Rubies are an in-game currency that can be used to purchase Hearts, Coins, Keys, and other items.
They can also be used to purchase characters and other items that will help you to progress in the game.

LINE RUSH Tip #4: What are Coins?
Coins are an in-game currency that can be used to purchase in-game items, upgrades, and so on.
You can get Coins by playing the game, as well as in exchange for Rubies.

LINE RUSH Tip #5: What are the differences between the various types of Coins?
Coin (regular): Equivalent to 1 Coin. Get 5 points for every 1 you collect.
Rainbow Coin: Equivalent to 10 Coins. Get 10 points for every 1 you collect.
Big Coin: Equivalent to 50 Coins. Get 50 points for every 1 you collect.

LINE RUSH Tip #6: What can I get from the Capsules that appear in episodes?
The Capsules that appear in episodes contain materials needed for leveling up characters.
You can check which materials appear in each episode by tapping on the episode you wish to check on the Episode Map.
You can get different kinds of material in each episode, so be sure to play lots of different episodes in order to get a wide range of materials!

LINE RUSH Tip #7: What are Gift Points?
Gift Points can be exchanged for gifts when you collect enough!
See below for details of how to get Gift Points.

LINE RUSH Tip #8: How to get Gift Points:
- Invite a friend: 25 points
- Send a Heart to a friend: 5 Points
- Share when you Level Up: 10 Points
- Share on Timeline: 25 Points
- Help out a friend's party: 25 Points
- Send a Message asking for help in a party: 30 Points

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