Mean Machines Cheats: Coupon Codes, 2 Quick Tips for Newbie, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Mean Machines Tip #1: Gameplay.
To inflict greater damage, it is best to first build up some speed and then ram into an enemy.
If your machine takes damage in a battle, you will need to repair it for a fee.
Performance Kit Power Pack: Increases straight line speed for greater impact.
Performance Kit Crash bars: Absorbs impact preventing damage to machine.

Mean Machines Tip #2: Carnage Mode
Destroy enemies in the Carnage Mode and get Instant Cash.
Daily Rewards will be pushed to the top scorer in Carnage Mode.
Intense gameplay and bigger crashes with a variety of power-ups.
Connect through Facebook and climb up the leaderboard.
Get instant cash on defeating enemies.

Coupon Codes
To earn free cash and to buy currency or to enter coupon code, you can enter the Shop.

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