MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Raising Ability Levels, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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MOBIUS FF by Square Enix for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY Tip #1: Obtain duplicate cards.

You need multiple cards with the same ability in order to perform Ability Fusions.
Among them, fusing duplicates has the highest chance o success.

MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY Tip #2: Raise the level of cards that will be consumed in fusion.

Raising the ability level of the card you'll fuse into the target base card will also
raise the success chance of Ability Fusion.

MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY Tip #3: Utilizing Ability Tickets.

Performing  a Boost Fusion using Ability Tickets will ensure that the cards ability level will increase.

Enable "MAX Boost Fusion" to obtain a card with maxed-out ability and skillseed unlocks.

MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY Tip #4: Utilizing Augmentations.

Increasing a card's rarity to *3 will remove the "Lesser‘ attribute of its ability
Don't let this opportunity to power up your cards go to waste.

* Any cards obtained from enemies will be of rarity *3 If the same card was previous augmented to that rarity.

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