Monster Age Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Formation, PVP, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Monster Age for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Monster Age Tip #1: Formation.
You have 5 sets of formations.
Each set having 1-4 monsters.
First placement in the formation is assigned the leader. Some monsters have a leader boost skill.
Try to mix and match all the possible lineups to get your preferred lineup.

Monster Age Tip #2: Hatchery.
You can hatch new monsters at the hatchery.
Once hatch requires 30 eggshells and 11x hatches require 300 eggshells.
11x hatches will give a better result.
Every 30x hatches, you will get 1 FREE hatch.

Basic Egg Hatch: 1-2 Star Monster.
Super Egg Hatch: 1-3 Star Monster.
Ultimate Egg Hatch: 2-4 Star Monster.
Elemental Egg Hatch: 1-4 Star Elemental Monster.

Monster Age Tip #3: PVP Rules.
All battles will be in Auto-Mode. The Player is not able to control the Ultimate Skills and aiming the target.
Each time you defeat a defender you will get blood coins as a reward. If your opponent has a higher rank you earn their rank.
Every Player has 5 chances to battle on PVP which resets at 12:00 AM daily.
You can get extra chances by resetting daily chances and it cost blueshells.
PVP rankings are finalized at 9:00 PM, and the rewards will be sent out vie ingame mail.