NARUTO BLAZING Cheats: 11 Best Tips for Attacking, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Blazing for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Naruto Blazing Tip #1: Moving & Attacking.
Apart from touching and dragging, you can also tap the area you want to move to in order to directly move there.

Naruto Blazing Tip #2: Attack Range.
Range differs from character to character.
Think how best to get as many enemies in your range as possible before moving.

Naruto Blazing Tip #3: Ninjutsu.
Different from normal attack ranges, the effects of Ninjutsu vary depending on variables sich as the presence of a single enemy, and boosted or reduced stats.

Naruto Blazing Tip #4: Secret Techniques.
Secret Techniques use two bars of chakra.
Make sure to use them at a crucial moment.
They all have differing ranges, so make sure to use them effectively in battle.

Naruto Blazing Tip #5: Elements.
Check the elements of your allies and enemies before acting.
If you don't, you could be easily wiped out.
Take on missions after considering the elemental make up of your team.

Naruto Blazing Tip #6: Combinations.
A Combination is your opportunity to unleash multiple attacks at once.
Read the situation and make good use of them.
However, take note that enemies can use Combinations against your team if you let your allies stay grouped together.

Naruto Blazing Tip #7: Field Skills.
Field Skills won't activate unless you're near your allies.
Use them in conjunction with Combinations for even greater effects.

Naruto Blazing Tip #8: Risk of Field Skills.
Field skills may be useful, but you will be easily attacked if you and your allies are all grouped in one spot from overuse and reliance.

Naruto Blazing Tip #9: Buddy Skills.
Buddy Skills can increase the amount of damage given, and reduce the amount of damage received.
Although you may be restricted by team cost, try to set buddies where you can.

Naruto Blazing Tip #10: Damage Recovery.
Using the number to the right of the enemy's HP bar, you can predict when they will next attack.
Defend against strong enemy's attacks by recovering or using Ninjutsu to allow you to dodge before they attack.

Naruto Blazing Tip #11: Completing Missions.
By completing story mode and emergency missions, you can raise your Ninja Rank and get hold of Enhancement and awakening materials.
Using these you can strengthen your team and take on stronger foes.