Nemesis: Air Combat Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Plane, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Nemesis: Air Combat for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Nemesis: Air Combat Tip #1: Controls.
Tap right to launch your missiles as fast as you can, but watch the heat gauge.
After finish launching missiles, finish them with your gun, tap and hold for continuous fire. Don't overheat!

When it's enemy turn to attack, Tap the right side of the screen to evade.
If you don't have autopilot enabled, Tap and hold the marked area to engage your virtual joystick.

Nemesis: Air Combat Tip #2: Carrier.
Carrier is where you can change your loadout and customize your equipment.
Upgrade your planes and weapons or get custom paint jobs.

See the symbol next to your plane's name? Tap it to see the details.
Each plane has a special ability, same are effective during defence, others during attack.
Your plane can be upgraded several times, the limit is determined by its quality.
When you purchase upgrades using cash, you need additional parts to complete the upgrade.
Collect parts through loot, or get some from the Black Market.

Nemesis: Air Combat Tip #3: Briefing.
The briefing shows costs and difficulty for the next mission.
It also displays progress and the rewards.
Proceed to the mission details to see who you'r up against.

Inspect enemies to select the appropriate loadout.
Later you can swap jets from here.
Struggling to Succeed? Apply a Buff for your next mission, or activate the Autopilot before you go.

Nemesis: Air Combat Tip #4: After the Battle.
Your payout is based on your performance. Sometimes we salvage cash and other loot too.
There's a fee for repairing your plane at the end of each mission.
Complete missions with full health for maximum payout.

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