PAC-MAN Hats Cheats: 7 Best Tips for Hats, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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PACMAN HATS for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

PAC-MAN Tip #1: Gameplay.
Choose a Hat and chase those ghosts!
- Each Maze has 3 goals - complete them to get stars!
- The first goal is mandatory: eat all the dots.
Completing this goal awards you the first star and unlocks the next Maze.
- You get token rewards depending on the stars you won in every maze.
Play your best to get 3 stars!
- Fruit brings you surprise gifts.
- You need a number of stars to unlock the next world - check the gate!

PAC-MAN Tip #2: Know your Hats!
There are 4 specials Hats + Classic Pac-Man in the game.

- Complete Mazes to unlock all Hats!
- All Hats use Energy: play a Maze with a Hat and it's energy will drop, but will also replinish in time.
- Play more Mazes with a Hat to level it up.

Boosts make your Hats stronger and help you get 3 stars.
Unlock Boost Chests and the ghosts won't stand a chance!

PAC-MAN Tip #3: Classic Pac-Man.
- This is the classic Pac-Man. No abilities, just hungry.
- Unlocked at the first maze.
- Boost it with MEGA PELLET.
It's like a power pellet, but better: it will regenerates 7 seconds after you eat it.
Chomp it and the ghosts will turn blue. Eat them up!

PAC-MAN Tip #4: Pirate Hat.
- Drops parrots that pinch the ghosts if they get near.
- Pac-Man can eat the ghost while the parrot is on it.
- Drops 1 parrot for every 20 dots eaten.
- Complete mission 10 to unlock.
- Boost it with Pirate Boost.
It makes the Pirate Hat drop parrots 2 times faster.
1 Angry parrot for every 10 dots eaten.

PAC-MAN Tip #5: Magician Hat.
- Casts a spell that makes the ghost in front of Pac-Man disappear.
- Charges 1 Spell for every 20 dots eaten.
- Complete mission 20 to unlock.
- Boost it with Magician Boost.
Charges 2 spells for every 20 dots eaten.
Pac-Man will cast the spells forward and backward.

PAC-MAN Tip #6: Zeus Hat.
- Thunder strike! Stuns all ghost for 4 seconds at every 25 dots eaten.
- Complete missions 2 to unlock.
- Boost it with Zeus Boost.
Stuns all ghosts and makes them blue.
You can eat the ghosts while they are blue.

PAC-MAN Tip #7: Alien Hat.
- Leaves behind a green goo that disintegrates ghosts if they walk on it.
- Drops 1 greeny thing for every 20 dots eaten.
- Complete mission 36 to unlock.
- Boost it with Alien Boost.
The alien goo has a bigger action range.
If a ghost walks on it, all the ghosts within its range will disintegrate.

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