Pet GO Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Enhance, Team, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Pet GO for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Pet GO Tip #1: Enhance Equipment.

Enhancing equipment increases equipment stats

It costs gold to enhance.
Enhancement level can't be higher than the trainer's level.
Selling enhanced equipment will return the gold spent on enhancing.

Pet GO Tip #2: Change Team.

Change fighting Pokemon, equip the Pokémon with equipment
Tap the Pokemon avatar to check the detailed info, change Pokémon or change equipment-
Please choose the Pokemon with team bonus to increase their level, star level and evolve them.
Equipping Pokémon with more powerful equipment.

Pet GO Tip #3: Merge Pokemon.

Merge Pokemon of the same type to increase star level.
Merging the same Pokemon will grant effort points which can increase star ievel.
High star levels will grant higher HP and attack.
After merging, the target Pokemon will earn effort points from the sacrificed Pokemon.
Low-star Pokemon can be merged with high-star ones.
So if you have high-star Pokemon, merge it with your fighting Pokemon to increase CP.