Pig Bang Cheats: 8 Best Tips for Attack, Defense, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Pig Bang for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Pig Bang Tip #1: ABILITIES.
Abilities are special attacks, shields, buffs, de-buffs and banners that player can use in combat for more effective fighting.
You need energy for almost all of the abilities.

Pig Bang Tip #2: TALENTS.
Talents are Improvements that effect player's abilities and characteristics and can be picked before event match.

Pig Bang Tip #3: BOOSTS.
Boosts are Improvements that can be dropped from killed enemies.
Boosts improve the player only within one game session.

Pig Bang Tip #4: WEAPON CRAFT.
Player can craft weapons in Armory. At first player must choose available parts and then press "Craft" button.
The newly created weapon will appear in "Your weapon" line in the Armory.

Pig Bang Tip #5: WEAPON PERKS.
There is a chance that crafted weapon will get up to 2 perks.
Weapon perks are basically different elemental effects.

Pig Bang Tip #6: TOWERS.
Towers are Constructions that a player can build for money in the areas belonging to the player's team.

Reinforcements are Units that can be called out for money.
They either help a player or attack enemy's Base.

Pig Bang Tip #8: MONSTERS.
Monsters are Neutral aggressive units that start to attack both player's and his enemy's
Bases 2 minutes after the beginning of every match.
Their goal is to destroy the walls and break into Base.

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