Planet of Heroes Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Magnum, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Planet of Heroes by Fast Forward Studio/ for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Planet of Heroes Tip #1: Magnum's Basic Attacks.
Magnum has two attacks variation for his basic attacks.
Since Magnum is a ranged damage dealer, his first two attacks are just normal attack animation.
Magnum's third attack is different, it deals damage to the target's nearby enemies.
It will be effective in team fights if you can land the third basic attack with enemies surrounding your target.
It is also recommended to have a higher attack speed to be able to land more third basic attack frequently.

Planet of Heroes Tip #2: Magnum's Abilities.
Flamethrower is Magnum's AoE Damage Over Time Ability.
Electric Net is Magnum's AoE Damage Immobilize Ability.
Mortar is Magnum's Area of Effect Instant Damage Ability.
Magnum's Passive Ability will increase it's attack speed when enemies take damage from any Magnum's Abilities.

Planet of Heroes Tip #3: Magnum's Effect!
All Magnum's Active Ability has an Area of Effect, so Magnum is clearly a team fight player.
Magnum shines at best when he can land all abilities to a team fight, it can instantly deal damage to it's enemies making your abilities looks overpowered!
Magnum can also wreck havoc if equipped with high attack damage and attack speed, as he can deal damage aoe with his active abilities and basic attacks.

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