PolitiCats Cheats: 12 Best Tips for Newbie, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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PolitiCats for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

PolitiCats Tip #1: What is Tap Power?
Tap Power is your tap damage. Make sure to keep upgrading it so your taps remain effective!

PolitiCats Tip #2: What is Cat Customization?
What is it not?
Purr-esidents need to look good, and looking stylish gives you huge bonuses in your Tap Power, passive vote generation, and idle income.

PolitiCats Tip #3: What are abilities?
Abilities are skills that you can activate when you need that extra boost!
Abilities have cooldowns, so use them wisely!

PolitiCats Tip #4: What are Endorsements?
Endorsements are special cats that give you various boosts in your quest to be the best!
Upgrade them to improve the boosts, but be careful--each successive Endorsement you purchase and upgrade will cost exponentially more Political Capital.

PolitiCats Tip #5: What does it mean to Retire?
Retiring gives you Political Capital based on your political progress and the amount of elections won. When you retire, your position, cash, and staff will be reset. However, your progression will be faster each time with the help of Endorsements!
If you feel stuck at a position, it may be in your best interest to retire.

PolitiCats Tip #6: What are Super Powers?
Super Powers are special items that can be purchased with gems to give you and your progress an enormous instant boost!

PolitiCats Tip #7: What is the Political Spinner?
The Political Spinner grants you up to a 4x bonus in Staff vote generation for four hours.
This will dramatically help your progress, so don't forget to spin!

PolitiCats Tip #8: What is a rally?
You must win a certain amount of rallies before an election takes place.
Each rally will provide you with cash to spend on Tap Power and Staff!

PolitiCats Tip #9: What is an election?
In order to move on to a higher position, you must win an election with at least 51% of the votes! Tap fast, make sure your Staff is upgraded, and definitely use your abilities!

PolitiCats Tip #10: What happens if I lose an election?
Fear not! You can always press the "Hold Election" button to run for a position again.
If you lose an election, make sure to upgrade your Tap Power and Staff to ensure that your next election is successful!

PolitiCats Tip #11: What does adding friends do?
Friends are vital for your long-term Purr-esidential success!
Each friend you add and support gives you big boosts to your progress!

PolitiCats Tip #12: What is idle income?
Idle income is the cash you earn while you're away from the game.
Look to double your earnings by watching a video every time you return to the game!

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