Rage Z: Multiplayer Zombie FPS Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Money, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Rage Z: Multiplayer Zombie FPS for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Rage Z: Multiplayer Zombie FPS Tip #1: Multiplayer Mode.
You can quickly join an online game by tapping the desired game mode and pressing "play".
The auto matching system will match you with other players based on your skill.
If any of your in-game friends are playing, you'll be matched with them first, if there's any slots available in that game.
You can also create your own custom games, in the Custom Games menu.

Rage Z: Multiplayer Zombie FPS Tip #2: Equip.
Remember to always equip your purchased weapons, items and boosts before going on a mission!
Simple tap the slot your want to equip to filter the item list below, then swipe or tap to scroll the list, and tap the "Ëquip" button again to equip the highlighted item to this slot.
First two weapon slots are for firearms, the last one is for melee weapons only.
Changes will be saved automatically when you press "back".

Rage Z: Multiplayer Zombie FPS Tip #3: Earn Fast Money.
Easy or Medium Difficulty Collect Mode in a Motel Area Location is the best way to earn money fast.
Don't ever finish the mission by collecting all item, you just need to kill zombies as much as you can without finishing the mission.
There is a spot or location in the Motel Area that you cannot be attack by a normal size zombies. However large zombies may attack you since they have longer melee attack range.
That's why choose Easy or Medium difficulty because the spawn rate of hard difficulty is too much for you to survive unless you have a powerful weapon that can kill them faster.
The spot is in the corner edge of a 4x2 cargo boxes that can be found at the roof of the single building.
Just walk over the edge at side of the cargo boxes, you won't fall while walking if you are just near at the cargo boxes.
Go to the corner edge so that normal zombies can't reach or attack you. Any Zombies below can't also hit you.
You can still be attacked by large zombies at the rooftop, fortunately you can hit them while they are still going up so you can kill them once they reach at the rooftop. But still it depends on how powerful if your rifle are.
Kill Zombies as much as you can until you can't fire anymore. Just let your character die and you can still get your money.

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