RPG Antiquia Lost Cheats: 5 Best Tips for Alchemy Stones, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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RPG Antiquia Lost by KEMCO for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

RPG Antioquia Lost Tip #1: Weapon Refining.
With 1 Pandora Ticket, or with Alchemy Stones, you can obtain weapons with a range of effects applied.
You can check weapons that can he refined, effects, and refining probabiity from a List.

RPG Antioquia Lost Tip #2: Types of Refining.
1. Ticket Refining: perform refining using a Pandora Ticket.

2. Weapon Refining: different than Ticket Refining, you can perform refining once using 100 Alchemy Stones.
At the beginning, weak weapons are included, but as you progress through the story, weak weapons become fewer.
However, the probability of refining the strongest series weapons is constant, right from the beginning.

RPG Antioquia Lost Tip #3: Alchemy Stones.
Alchemy Stones are used when purchasing precious items.
Alchemy Stones are shared across all saved files, but purchased items themselves (with some exceptions) are not shared across saved files.
Alchemy Stones can be obtained by in-app purchases, and also as you play through the game.

RPG Antioquia Lost Tip #4: How To Purchase Alchemy Stones.
Alchemy Stones can be purchased from Menu => Shop.
When making a purchase, your device will need to connect to the network, so please check your signal.

RPG Antioquia Lost Tip #5: Obtaining Alchemy Stones In The Game.
You can gain 1 stone each time you fight 3 battles.
But if a battle shortcut is launched, the battle is not counted. Also, if you smash rocks that appear in battle, you may occasionally gain stones.