Smashy Olympus Cheats: Reedem Codes, 3 Quick Tips for Newbie, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Smashy Olympus Tip #1: Daily Rewards.
Receive corresponding rewards based on the attended days each month.
For some rewards, players matching or exceeding the corresponding VIP level can receive double of them.
Daily Rewards can only be received that day. You are not able to receive the previous day's rewards.

Smashy Olympus Tip #2: VIP Privilege.
Purchase aggregate 10 gems to get this VIP advantages.
1. Include all advantages of VIP 0.
2. Get 20 Sweep Tickets every day.
3. Purchase Stamina twice every day.
4. Use Golden Touch 5 times every day.
5. Unlock Diamond Sweep.

Smashy Olympus Tip #3: Evolve.
Evolution is very important feature in this game.
Evolution gives hero a boost of stats additional skills up to 4 skills.
Equip or gears are needed to evolve. These equip can be found in battles.
However if you need a specific equip, these equip will be only available at certain areas.
So manage your stamina well and save stamina to be used getting specific equips.

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