Soul Tactics Cheats: 6 Quick Tips for Newbie, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Soul Tactics for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Summoning Heroes
Three heroes are summoned during hero summoning, and heroes which die or are absorbed go to the grave.

Super Match
If you achieve a simultaneous horizontal/vertical match and a hero is activated,
your ATK and HP increase by 150%, and your MP increases by the number of heroes absorbed.

Ghost Heroes
Ghost heroes hide in order to avoid being detected by enemy heroes and directly attack the enemy player.
However, they cannot pass by enemy ghost heroes

Flipping the Screen
In battle, you can slide the screen up/down to change your point of view.

Moving Heroes
Aside from tapping on a hero directly in order to move them, you can also move heroes by dragging fine end of the
line of your ally's base.

Ranged Heroes
These heroes fire long-range projectiles which pierce two enemy heroes in a row, dealing 50% of its attack power as damage to me second hero hit.

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