Summoners Fantasy Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Newbie, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Summoners Fantasy Card Game for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Summoners Fantasy Tip #1: Enraged Mode.
In Enraged mode, overtaken cards become active attackers and will attempt to attack all adjacent cards.
One successful attack can lead to chain reaction that will take over multiple cards at once.
Enraged mode rewards those who think multiple steps ahead.

You can use your opponent's strong cards against them by exploiting their weaknesses.
But you'll also have to mind your cards weaknesses or you may be faced with a complete defeat.
If you're still unclear, feel free to come back and practice.

Summoners Fantasy Tip #2: Daily Spin.
You can spin the wheel for free once everyday!
Earn additional spins by sharing summoners fantasy with your facebook friends!
To upgrade the prize wheel for better rewards, simply invite 3 friends and have them join the game.
Prize wheel can be upgraded to two times.

Summoners Fantasy Tip #3: Enhancement.
Enhancement requires Essences and Coins.
You can collect coins in taverns, and certain events. As for Essences, you can  gain them form selling cards.

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