Tavern Legends Cheats: 3 Best Tips for VIP, Monthly Card, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Tavern Legends for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Tavern Legends Tip #1: What's VIP? How do I upgrade my VIP level?
VIP is a level system measuring your accumulated payment in this game.
Higher VIP level means more privilege functions and more daily rewards.

You can always upgrade your VIP level through in-app-purchase.
Top the green VIP button on the main interface for detailed information.

Tavern Legends Tip #2: What's Monthly Card?
The Monthly Card is a token that generates Gems.
As long as you have an active Monthly Card, you will receive Gems through your mailbox everyday.

Every purchase will expand the active period for one month.
Normally, the Monthly Card is the most efficient way to purchase Gems.

Tavern Legends Tip #3: How do I create or join a Guild?
The Guild Room will be unlocked after your Tavern Level reached 14.
In that room, you can choose to create o Guild by yourself or join other people's Guilds.

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