The Manga Works Cheats: 5 Best Tips for Creation, Ending, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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The Manga Works by Kairosoft for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

The Manga Works Tip #1: Game Play.
This is a manga artist simulation game that follows you on your path to greatness.
Over 5 years, your aim is to grow and progress from small-time scribbler to famous manga artist, and try to win all the publisher's prizes.
Fight your way up the rankings, and become the number 1 manga artist!

The Manga Works Tip #2: Game Flow.
First. let's draw a manga. Choose a theme and a scene that you think will lit together well, and then you can draw a great manga.
Send your manga to publishing companies and get on good terms with the publishers.
If you complete various requests for one-shot manga, you might be asked to produce a series.
This is why it's a good idea to please the publishers.
Train your skills so you can draw amazing manga day after day.
Training is tied directly to improving your manga's quality.
Once your manga has been serialized, try to progress up the ranks.
Obtain Plot Points and use them to set plans so you can draw the best manga the world has ever seen!

The Manga Works Tip #3: Manga Creation.
The better your manga fits together, the more experience points you'll obtain. The more popular the combination, the longer the manga will be.
The more volumes of manga you produce, the more requests and interviews will pour in.
You can acquire more themes and scenes by buying them from the shop. Perhaps you will also get them by completing requests for one-shots... Try and challenge yourself to form lots of different combinations for your manga.

The Manga Works Tip #4: Manga Points.
The quality of your manga is based on the strength of these 4 attributes:
Artwork - How good the pictures are.
Characters ~ How relatable the characters are
Story - How interesting the story is.
Originality - How original the manga is.

The Manga Works Tip #5: Ending.
The game will end after 5 years in-game time on your artist's 25th birthday.
The play points you have earned so far will be added to your clear points and, if you've done well enough, registered as a high score. If you wish, you can continue playing after the game ending.

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