Tiny Archers Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Aim, Bow, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Tiny Archers for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Tiny Archers Tip #1: Aim.
For a moving enemy you need to aim a bit ahead.
Now hit his chest to slow him down!
Aim the leg to stop him for a while!
Aim the head for critical strike!

Tiny Archers Tip #2: Blacksmith.
Blacksmith can make you arrows as long as you have
enough gold and you don’t reach blacksmith queue limit
The current queue limit can be found on the right side.
You can upgrade it with taping on the plus.

Tiny Archers Tip #3: Hot Tar.
Use it when the goblins are at the tower to get rid of them.

Tiny Archers Tip #4: Bow.
In the top panel you can see additional information about the bow.
With more advanced bows the amount of arrows you can bring with yourself will increase.
If you have enough XP and gold you can buy powerful bows.

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