Traps: Build & Run! Cheats: 6 Best Tips for Defence, Buildings, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Traps: Build & Run for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Traps: Build & Run Tip #1: Develop the Economy.
Build and upgrade your gold mines and elixir breweries to make your passive income higher.
It will help you to hire more powerful champions and build better defense.

Traps: Build & Run Tip #2: Build the Defence.
Build, upgrade and combine traps for better defense.
The Stronger is your defense, the less resources other players can steal from your base!

Traps: Build & Run Tip #3: Unlock All Champions.
Build huts to unlock new champions and their powerful abilities.
You will face increasingly stronger defense, which you will be able to counter using the right combination of champions.

Traps: Build & Run Tip #4: Main Hall.
Upgrade the hall to store more resources and to get access to new traps, buildings and champions.
This is the most tempting to attackers and the most important part of your castle.
Protect it at all costs!

Traps: Build & Run Tip #5: Builder's Hut.
The more builders you have, the more buildings you can build or upgrade at a time.
You can't skimp on your workforce!

Traps: Build & Run Tip #6: Elixir Brewery.
The elixirs produced in elixir breweries are just thrown into the nearest corridor, where they are easy to steal, so don't forget to move them to the storehouse!
Increase the level of your elixir breweries to speed up elixir production.