War Z II Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Zombie, Resources, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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War Z 2 for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

WarZ II Tip #1: How to gather resources?
When you find a resource point in the World Map,tap on it and choose "Occupy", then deploy your troops to occupy the resource point and start gathering resources when the army arrives.It takes your troops some time to complete the gathering of resources.After the completion of the gathering, your troops will carry resources back to your castle.The larger number of your troops' load limit is, the more resources you can bring back.

WarZ II Tip #2: How to attack zombie?
There are vicious monsters of different levels and different Zombies in the World Map.(The figures in front of their names are their levels)
You will gain high reward when you defeat zombie for the first time.Repeatedly killing zombie can not only make you gain resources rewards, but also have chance to gain various kinds of precious items. The amount of experience points of commander is also mainly obtained by killing zombies.
After defeating low-level zombie , you will get rights to attack the high-level zombies (For example, the condition to attack a level 5 monster is to defeat a level 4 monster).
There will be a small part of soldiers who will be wounded during the course of fighting zombies, and the wounded troops will enter hospital automatically. (If the hospital space is insufficient, they will die automatically)

WarZ II Tip #3: How to get gold coins for free?
1.You can complete some important quests to get free golds
2.You can join an Alliance for the first time to get free 200 golds
3  You can participate in the City Sewer  to get numerous golds for free

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