White Empire Cheats: 5 Best Tips for Shop, Friends, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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White Empire by Mobirix for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

White Empire Tip #1: Shop.
Here you can purchase various items such as Gems and Gold.
Use the store to obtain high class Mercs and Equipment.
You can also purchase Stamina and Battle Force to fight longer.

You can also purchase Lucky Stone to improve Equipment upgrade success rate or the Honor chest that can be purchased with Honor points.
Don't forget to visit the Luck chest once a day for free.

White Empire Tip #2: Inventory.
You can manage and store Mercs and items here.
View your Mercs and items, sell, upgrade and combine Equipment and more.
There is a max limit to your inventory but you can use Gems to expand.

White Empire Tip #3: Friends.
You can add game friends.
Friends can help each other in dungeons and World Bosses by sharing Mercs so try to befriend many adventurers along the way.
Make friends who will help you on your adventure.

White Empire Tip #4: Collections.
You can view all Mercs and equipment here.
When a Merc reaches First level 30, the legion sends 5 gems as thanks to the inbox.

White Empire Tip #5: Inbox.
Various rewards are sent here such as friend Honor Points, Colosseum Reward, Event Reward and Collection Rewards.
Keep in mind that mail is only kept for 3 days!