Age of Anime Cheats: CDkey Codes, 10 Events for Rewards, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Age of Anime/Clash of Dimensions/League of Anime for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Age of Anime Event #1:
Login one day to get Nine-tails!
Login two days successively to get 2-star Nine-tails!
Login seven days successively to get 3-star Nine-tails!

Age of Anime Event #2:
Sewer welfare! We prepared rare Gear Chests and Prop Chests!
First come, first sewed! Everyone can only buy them three times!

Age of Anime Event #3:
A gift for upgrade! Upgrade yourself to get totally 2000 diamonds!
They will help you a lot!

Age of Anime Event #4:
Sign-in gifts! Keep signing in every day to get plenty of diamonds, gold, props and even Revenger Shards!

Age of Anime Event #5:
Keep topping up to get the total rebate! Lots of gold, hero shards and rare props are waiting for you!

Age of Anime Event #6:
Benefit Card(Month) offers 12-fold benefit! After topping up, you can get 300 diamonds and after that, don't forget to keep logging in every day to get 120 diamonds every day, totalfy 3600 diamonds!

Age of Anime Event #7:
Enjoy Super Card forever! Top up to get 1500 diamonds and after that, you can get 120 diamonds every day forever! It can be used together with Benefit Card.

Age of Anime Event #8:
200% diamonds! Top up a certain amount of diamonds for the first time to get 200% diamonds! 1st top-up will earn you wings, gold and gears! The more you top up, the more you can get

Age of Anime Event #9:
VIP welfare! You can buy more limited items and claim grea t VIP gifts!
Heroes, gears, rare props are all yours!

Age of Anime Event #10:
10-fold diamond fund! Buy the fund with only 2500 diamond s and reach a certain level to get 10-fold benefit!
Yes, you can totally get 25000 diamonds!

CDKEY Code: Diamond1000

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