Alien Zone: Raid Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Offense, Guide and Tricks

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Alien Zone: Raid for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Alien Zone: Raid Tip #1: Offense is the best Defense.
Killing enemies as fast as you can is the main priority when it comes to equip, upgrades and items.
Hit at safe distance, run or evade if enemies is closer to you.
Upgrading Defense is good but offense is much better since you can kill enemies before they can hit you.
Upgrading Defense cost coins same as upgrading your offense but defense is less useful if you can't kill enemies faster.
Hit and Run while having high offense is a must and it is efficient way to earn coins more faster than upgrading your defense and wasting your time killing tough enemies.

Alien Zone: Raid Tip #2: Upgrading.
All equips. upgrades and items costs coins. Therefore you need to efficiently use your coins on correct items.
If you plan to improve your offense, just simply boost your power (damage)!
Your Primary Weapon Rifle is the best choice to upgrade if you want power!
Your Weapon is enough, you don't need to upgrade all of your equip that boost power, Primary Weapon is enough.
Primary Weapon gives the most boost for power so why choose other type of equip if you just only want more power.
If you have a Primary Weapon, just upgrade it to it's maximum upgrade.
Once you reached it's maximum upgrade, just save your coins if your current weapon is still good on your current stage.
If you feel that your max upgrade weapon is not good enough to your current stage, you can buy another new weapon and make sure that your new weapon should have greater power than your previous maximum upgrade weapon.
You can buy it as long as you don't waste your coins on other type of equip. This strategy will help you obtain powerful weapons easily.

Alien Zone: Raid Tip #3:Abilities.
There are two types of abilities:
1. Shield.
2. AoE Damage with Stun.
Both abilities are useful for certain situation.
If you want to kill enemies at close range or tanking enemy attacks, then use Shield Ability.
If you want to kill enemies instantly or stun them, then use AoE Damage with Stun Ability.
Use both abilities if you want to avoid enemies that are surrounding and coming at you while damaging and stunning them. Do that if you really want to avoid enemies attacks when enemies instantly appears or surrounding you.
Using both abilities efficiently is very important if you focuses on improving your offense only since "AoE Damage with Stun" depends on your Power which is powerful if you have a high power stat attribute and "Shield" which you lack defense.

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