Barbaric The Golden Hero Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Barbarian, Supply, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Barbaric The Golden Hero for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Barbaric The Golden Hero Tip #1: Energy,
It requires 1 energy to play a single mission. Energy will be regain if the mission is successful. Energy will be lost if you died and unable to finish the mission.
It takes 30 minutes to replenish a single energy, it takes time to replenish it, so successful mission is a must.
If you are currently experience difficulty on your latest mission, try to play its previous mission so you can earn coins while maintaining your energy left.
Upgrade or Improve your Barbarian to avoid losing energy from missions.

Barbaric The Golden Hero Tip #2: Barbarian Upgrades,
There are three Barbarian Upgrades available:
Damage - Increases Barbarian Damage.
HP - Increases your Maximum Health Points.
Mana - Increases your Maximum Mana Points.
Both Damage and HP are the most important Upgrade (including skills) in the game.
If you have good both damage and hp, you don't need to rely on your skills specially on using life steal skill.
You can save more coins if you prioritize Damage and HP since you don't need to upgrade Mana and some skills.

Barbaric The Golden Hero Tip #3: Skill Upgrades,
There are three Skill Upgrades available:
Pierce - Pierce through enemies.
Smite - Deals extra damage.
Life Steal - Heal when hitting enemies.
Each three skills has different usage, when used efficiently, you can kill enemies safely!
Pierce is very useful if you are in a situation that needs to run away from surrounding enemies. You can also use pierce to hit multiple enemies.
Smite is your damage dealer, useful when facing a tough enemies. Tough enemies can deal a lot of damage, kill them as soon as possible.
Life Steal is useful if you are on low health points. When you successfully hit an enemy while life steal is active, you will gain extra health points based on you life steal level and your damage output.