Case Clicker 2 Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Upgrades, MpS, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Case Clicker 2 for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Just tap to earn coins, tapping longer increases your money multiplier
Upgrading upgrades that increases money per second will give you more coins!

Case Clicker 2 Tip #1: Cases.
Cases is not an efficient way to earn coins.
Cases are risky because it needs a key to open a case. A key costs 2.5 Dollars and when you open a case, you may receive an item that has a value lower than the cost of the key (2.5 Dollars), which happens most of the time.
Opening a Case and Case Searching, takes time and effort, you can allot your time and effort on tapping at the account balance instead. Which is the best thing to do in this game.
Even if the mission is to open a cases, it's better to skip that mission since missions gives low money value.

Case Clicker 2 Tip #2: Tapping is the Key.
Most "Clicker" games focuses on passive income specially in upgrades that will earn you money even if the app is closed.
In Case Clicker 2, Tapping is the only way to earn money if you want to earn fast.
You can't also depend on your passive income because it has a limited money capacity for money earned while the app is closed.
You can use three fingers or more to produce more money. You can also tap consecutively to create a tap combo to increase your money multiplier per tap.
The longer your tap combo is the higher the money multiplier will be. This is the secret to earn money at fast rate.
Just tap as long as you can to reach certain money multiplier such as x10.
If you have a long chain of tap combo, just ignore how many upgrades you can make and just focus on increasing your money multiplier because it will be worth higher than you upgrade your upgrades.

Case Clicker 2 Tip #3: Watch Ads.
Watch Ads on Instant Case and Instant Money Reward!
Instant Case Reward will give you a random item, you can sell it anyway to earn money specially if you can get a high money value item.
Even if it is a low money value item, that item is still better value than buying a key and opening a case. You can sell it and the value you will get is still worth the the time wasted on watching an ads.
Instant Money Reward is the best reward you can get on watching an ads. You can gain specific amount of money depending on your total money earned. The amount of the money received from watching an ads is high for just watching a maximum of 30 seconds of a video ad.
That's why there is a 10 minute cooldown for each rewards before you can watch an ad again. Watch an Ads as much as you can!

Case Clicker 2 Tip #4: Upgrades.
Just Upgrade those upgrades that will help you earn more money by tapping or idle (Money Per Second).
Increasing your money per second while tapping or idle will help you earn more money than other upgrades such as improving search cases, etc.
Money is needed to be able to upgrade, upgrading other than increasing tap money value or money per second will not greatly help you in earning money.
Upgrading a certain upgrades requires opening a certain amount of cases. However upgrades that increases money per second only requires a certain Ranks.
Your Ranking can be upgraded by purchasing the Rank Upgrade which requires a certain amount of cases.
Fortunately, it is not similar with other upgrades that immediately requires you another set of opened cases after you upgraded.
When you upgrade your rank, you can upgrade that increases money per second for about 2 or more before it requires another higher ranking.

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