Driving Evolution Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Unlocking the Game, Objectives, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Driving Evolution for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Driving Evolution Tip #1: Watch Ads or Purchase the Game.
Watch Video to get additional coins or double your cash earned in a single race.
Unlock fun mode to get more time and free time rewinds per mission.
Watch ads to get free rewind or you can get a permanent rewind through IAP.
Unlock invincible mode to drive a much easier version of the vehicles and to never lose.
Unlock easy mode to drive a smaller, easier version of the vehicles and get more time.

Driving Evolution Tip #2: Objectives.

  • Park in the Green Zone
  • Fill the Precision Bar
  • Make sure you are facing the Correct Way.

Driving Evolution Tip #3: Scoring.
Each Mission has 3 stars available.
Earn Cash in each mission based on speed and performance.
3 Medals available in each mission: Bronze, Silver and Gold.
Get Gold on every mission for max earnings! Buy new Vehicles with Cash.

Driving Evolution Tip #4: Camera Controls.
Select from 5 Main Views:
Front, Back, Sides and Top View or Drivers Cab View.
Normal gestures in the 3D View will Pan and Zoom.

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