Dungeon of Gravestone Cheats: 15 Quick Tips for Newbie, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Dungeon of Gravestone for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

  1. Touch the screen lightly to move in desired direction.
  2. Tap to move continuously. 
  3. Swipe for Wonder Controller to appear. Use it for continuous movement.
  4. Moving towards enemy commences an attack.
  5. Attack switch to open the door.
  6. You can use virtual pad if FLICK operating system is too difficult. Turn the virtual pad on. You can always change setting in option menu.
  7. Blue bar is your HP. If it goes 0 you die. Use potion to restore some of it.
  8. Red bar is blood level and it disappears with time. Restore it with potion before it runs out and you die.
  9. Long hold for defense or change of direction.
  10. You can attack with arrows.
  11. You can use arrows to shoot at switch on the other side of gate to open it.
  12. Bombs are quite powerful so be careful of the blast.
  13. Watch out for traps, water and holes as you take big damage falling in.
  14. Drop box into the river to cross it over.
  15. You can find requests on the notice board, they come with bounty.