Final Shot Cheats: 7 Best Tips for Battles, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Final Shot: Reloaded by NetMarble for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Final Shot Tip #1: Customize your controls!
You can customize your controls by opening the Options menu and tapping on Change Button Location.
You will then be taken to the customization screen where you can drag and drop the controls wherever you wish them to be placed.
You can also set if you want the turn-around button to always be present or to show 'Revenge' when you are shot from behind.

Final Shot Tip #2: Upgrade your weapon to make it stronger!
Upgrade your weapon to improve its stats, so that you can be better than the rest.
By spending coins and iron, you can improve your weapon's stats by an extra 20%!
After each match, the performance will degrade a little, so make sure to upgrade your weapon often for maximum performance.

Final Shot Tip #3: Purchase items before the match!
Before the match starts, you have a limited amount of time to purchase items for temporary boosts.
Simply tap on the item to place the purchase.
Once the game starts, you will be charged the amount of Gold for the items that you've purchased.

Final Shot Tip #4: Come back stronger!
After dying, you have a short respawn time indicated by the death timer in the center of the screen before you can respawn.
During the wait period, you can purchase items for a temporary boost! Gold will only be charged once you've respawned with the placed purchases.
You can also press on the Respawn button to respawn without having to wait for the death timer to expire.

Final Shot Tip #5: Improve your weaponry with Upgrade Kits!
Enhance your Weapons by using Upgrade Kits!
Upgrade Kits vary in the way that they enhance your weapon.
To equip an Upgrade Kit, simply tap on the desired Upgrade Kit and press Equip.
*you are not able to equip two similar Upgrade Kits at the same time.

Final Shot Tip #6: Headgears bring flair! And some protection as well!
Change-up your looks with Headgears!
You can equip Headgears by tapping on the Headgear tab in the Inventory menu.
Tap on the desired Headgear to check the stat bonuses that it comes with.

Final Shot Tip #7: Change Characters and bring different strengths to the field!
You can change characters from the inventory menu by tapping on the character tab and selecting from the available characters.
Each character has different stats and strengths so be sure to check them by tapping on the desired character!


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