Hyper Force Cheats: 7 Best Tips for Upgrades, Primary Fire, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Hyper Force for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Just play missions until you don't have energy left
Playing missions will give you more credits to be able to upgrade specially the "Primary Fire"!

Hyper Force Tip #1: Primary Fire.
Your primary weapon. Upgrade to improve damage and reload times.
Primary Fire is the best upgrade available, because offense is the best defense in this kind of game.
Killing Enemies at fast rate is better than receiving damage from enemies.
If you can kill enemy at fast rate, they can't fire at you thus avoiding potential enemy bullets/damage.
You can finish a single level without receiving any damage, infact it is included in objectives in any missions.

Hyper Force Tip #2: Missiles.
Self-aiming missiles. Upgrade to improve damage and reload times.
Missile is helpful when hitting enemies that you can't target with your Primary/Secondary Fire.
Upgrading Missile is only needed if your missile can't kill a regular enemy in a single hit.
Missile is helpful if you encounter a beacon, missile will lock a target until it is eliminated or disappeared.

Hyper Force Tip #3: Shield.
The maximum damage your ship can take. Upgrade to increase that maximum.
Shield shouldn't be your priority because upgrading your offense is a better solution than taking damage from enemies.
If you have a strong Primary Fire upgrade, you can kill enemies even without them firing a single bullet.
Shield upgrade is only needed when you are frequently replaying difficult missions.

Hyper Force Tip #4: Magnet.
Automatically pulls items to your ship. Upgrade to increase range.
Magnet is handy specially if you are facing a lot of enemy bullets or planes.
However if you have a good upgrades of Primary Fire, you can kill enemies faster and you can safely loot the credits (money).

Hyper Force Tip #5: Secondary Fire.
Additional weapon. Upgrade to improve damage and reload times.
Secondary Fire is just a weak version of the Primary Fire.
You don't need to upgrade the secondary fire if you just want to improve your damage.
Upgrading Secondary Fire will only give lower increase damage compared to the Primary Damage.

Hyper Force Tip #6: Slow Motion.
Lift your finger to slow down time, making it easier to dodge enemy fire.
Slow Motion can also give you a hint if the enemy is carrying a power-up or not.

Hyper Force Tip #7: Power Up.
Collect to increase rate of fire during the current mission.
If you have an upgraded Primary Fire, you can easily get Power-Ups since Power-Ups are carried by an enemy.