LINE FIGHTERS Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Fighting, Runes, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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LINE FIGHTERS by LINE for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

LINE FIGHTERS Tip #1: Fighter Team and Leader Skills!
Brown, Cony and Moon are the basic characters you can use in LINE Fighters.
Cony and Moon can be acquired automatically by clearing Episodes on the Battle Map, and characters in your team can be swapped in and out mid-battle. You can also select a Team Leader and train them.

Brown: Close range attacker with high HP
Cony: Long range attacker who is perfect for strategic play
Moon: Close range specialist with balanced stats

Each Team Leader will grant a different status buff to your Fighter Team.
- Improved Fire DMG: All team members receive a boost to Fire DMG.
- Improved Ice DMG: All team members receive a boost to Ice DMG.
- Improved Lightning DMG: All team members receive a boost to Lightning DMG.

LINE FIGHTERS Tip #2: Training Characters.
You can collect Training Capsules as you progress through various Stages, which will allow you to boost your characters' attributes.

There are two types of training: Attack Training and Defence Training. Each is divided into 8 levels.

To advance to higher levels of training, you must first complete the prerequisite training, and your characters must also be at a sufficiently high level.

Training requires Training Capsules. The type and number of Training Capsules required varies depending on the type of training.

You can use Diamonds instead of Training Capsules to advance your training right away.

LINE FIGHTERS Tip #3: Character Gears.
Each character has gear that only they can equip, and which grants additional elemental effects.

Character-Exclusive Gear
■ Brown
Weapons - Baseball Bat, Two-handed Hammer, Electric Saw, Giant Drill, Spear, Rocket Punch, 100-ton Hammer
Armor - Brown Thermal Wear, Stadium Jacket, Trainer, Thunder Pink, Gangster, Blue Denim, Car Racer, Glam Rock, Udon House, Wrestler, Tribal Chief

■ Cony
Weapons - Slingshot, Boomerang, Crossbow, Dual Guns, Javelin, Bubble Gun, Cupid's Bow
Armor - Cony Thermal Wear, Easy Rider, LINE School, Black Skull, Military Academy, Scout, Cheerleader, Chinese Dress, Red Cape, Star Woman, Black Swan

■ Moon
Weapons - Knuckle, Tonfa, Gloves, Steel Baton, Nunchaku, Palm Leaf Fan, Claw
Armor - Moon Thermal Wear, Beige Quilt, One-punch, Red Hot, Safety-first, Lazy Dog, Baseball, Head Student, Railroad Worker, Astronaut, Mutant

Note: Usable Skills will vary depending on the weapons equipped.
- Gear may be changed and added through future updates.

LINE FIGHTERS Tip #4: Runes.
There are 4 kinds of Runes, each with a rating between 1 Star and 5 Star.
You can equip Runes to boost your character attributes even further.

Runes can be equipped on any character, and on any piece of gear. Different combinations will result in different effects.

What kinds of Runes are there?
Passion Runes, Endurance Runes, Agility Runes, and Health Runes.

How do I evolve Runes?
Once you have collected 6 Runes of the same Grade, you can evolve them into a Rune of the next highest Grade.
Runes can be evolved up to a 5 Star Grade.

Note: Runes may be changed and added through future updates.
Runes can be both equipped and unequipped.

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