LINE Touch Monchy Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Puzzle, Guide and Tricks

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Touch Monchy by LINE for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

LINE Touch Monchy Tip #1: What kind of game is LINE Touchy Monchy?

The Puru Puru family are intent on turning the entire world into one giant orchard.
Monchy and his pals must fight to stop the Puru Puru family's schemes.
Challenge a wide variety of missions and run the Puru off the island!

LINE Touch Monchy Tip #2: How do I play?

Connect two matching Puru to clear them.
Draw up to 3 straight lines through open spaces (you can turn twice) to connect two Puru.
You can't draw more than three straight lines, nor can you draw lines through spaces that are occupied by a Puru.

LINE Touch Monchy Tip #3: What are Stars?

Stars are awarded for clearing game stages.
Achieving a high score will net you up to 3 Stars.
When you score 3 stars on a stage for the first time, you can spin the Roulette Wheel and get a reward.

LINE Touch Monchy Tip #4: What are Animal Friends?

Animal Friends have special abilities that can give you advantages as you play the game.
Power up your Animal Friends or Combine different Animal Friends to get an even bigger advantage.
Note: After Combining, the original Animal Friends will disappear.

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