Magic Legion Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Gold, Stamina, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Magic Legion for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Magic Legion Tip #1: Getting Gold.
Gold is very useful in game,and you may need a lot of gold to upgrade your equipment of every hero.
You have many ways to get gold in game:
1.Every dungeon has a first time killing reward,and you can collect a  great deal  of gold.
2.Finished some achievements can provide you  huge amounts of gold.
3.Defeat the boss,and you can collect the rewards everyday.
To quickly get the gold,you can use the Midas Touch,with a small amount of diamonds,you can exchange plenty of gold.
Midas Touch: Clicking your gold,and there is a exchange function called Midas Touch,you can use your diamonds to exchange some gold.

Magic Legion Tip #2: Getting Stamina.
Stamina is very useful in game,and many players are complaining about the lack of stamina,now let's see the ways of collecting stamina.
As we all know it takes 6 minutes to restore 1 stamina,and when you are offline,the stamina is still increasing.

1.In Events,you can find Canteen which is a place you can eat turkey to recover stamina.You can get 100 stamina each meal 3 times a day.
There are 3 periods you can eat meal in canteen.
12:00-14:00 18:00-20:00 21:00-23:00

2.You can also get the stamina gifted by your friends,the more friends you have,the more stamina you will receive.Cheer for your friendship!

3.If you want to get the stamina quickly,you can try buying with diamonds.Clicking your Stamina,and then you can see the purchase page.
Tips:If you buy too much,the price of stamina will grow up.

Magic Legion Tip #3: Union Benefits.
1. 50 diamonds will be gifted as you first join an Union.
2. Everyday you can receive the Union benefits  from Union Clerk.Your benifits will increase with your union level and union position.
3.Developing your Union to get the Union Merit what can be used to buy items in the Union store.
4. To make more friends.

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