Monster Super League Cheats: 5 Best Tips for Astromons, Elements, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Monster Super League by 4:33 for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Keep collecting Astromons
More Astromons means more evolution and ascended astromons to help you in any battles!

Monster Super League Tip #1: Elements.
There are a total of 5 elements, each of which is strong against another. Using these elemental strengths to your advantage will be important on your adventures,
1. Fire Strong against wood.
2. Water: Strong against fire.
3, Wand! Strong against water,
4. Light: Strong against dark.
5, Dark: Strong against light,

Monster Super League Tip #2: Battle Types
Astromons come in one of 5 different battle types: attackers, defenders, tanks, recovery — and balanced — types,
Each Astromon's type is preset and fixed; for example, all fire—elemental Mihos will always be the same type.
However, the same Astromons of different elements have different battle types, so make sure to take advantage of this when strategizing.

Monster Super League Tip #3: Skills.
Skills can be broadly divided into three types, some of which have passive effects,
1. Normal Skills: These are each monster's basic attacks.
Their passive effects have a chance of coming into effect when they are used,
However, only Astromons 3* and higher gain these effects,
2. Active Skills: These are skills that can be used when a monster's skill gauge is full,
They are stronger than normal skills, and can attack either one enemg or all enemies depending on the monster.
Their passive effects have a chance of coming into effect when they are used,
However, only Astromons 5* and higher gain these effects,
3, Leader Skills: Only Variant monsters have leader skills, whichnactivate when a Variant monster is assigned as leader,  These skills have no additional passive effects,

Monster Super League Tip #4: Stats.
Astromons have a total of 7 stats,
1. HP: The more hit points a monster has, the longer it can survive in battle.
2. Attack power: Increases the amount of damage dealt to enemies,
3. Defense: Decreases damage received from enemies.
4. Recovery: Affects the amount of HP and SP restored from absorbed souls and recoverg skills, and when progressing between rounds.
5. Critical hit rate: Increases the rate at which monsters deal critical hits, particularly powerful blows,
E. Critical hlt damage: Increases the amount of damage a critical hit deals,
7. Resistance; Increases resistance to abnormal status effects.

Monster Super League Tip #5: Astromon Settings.
You can adjust different Astromon—related settings from the Monsters page.
1. Main Astromon: Your main Astromon is the one that gets shown other players,
You can only have one main Astromon set at a time, and your main Astromon cannot be used as a material for evolution, ascension, or summoning,
2, Locking: Locked Astromons cannot be used as materials for evolution, ascension, or summoning, so make sure to lock and Astromons you want to keep, If you accidentally discard an Astromon, it cannot be restored.
3, Release: You can release your Astromons back into the wild,
Astromons you release will be removed from your inventory along with ang gems they had equipped,
Astromons are known to give thank-you gifts when they leave,

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