My Majesty Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Avoiding Defeat, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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My Majesty for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

My Majesty Tip #1: Basic Gameplay.
Your goal is to last as long as you can.
Money is the most important resource, which reduces with each move.
Six factions are located before you whom you must deal with: the nobels, the commoners, the army, the thinkers, the priesthood, and the outlaws.
Before you move you can invite any of the factions to appear before you.
Resolve the problem, with the appropriate faction.
Choose one of two variants. Be careful, any move you make will reflect upon your popularity with this or the other factions.
You may not invite the same faction two moves in a row. Choose any of the others.
You may remove the negative decision by using the suggestions of your court magician as is indicated at the bottom of the screen.
Use Merlin's wisdom in order to solve the problem without risking reputation.

My Majesty Tip #2: Report Screen.
In Report screen you may view how your popularity has been affected amongst each faction by your decision.
Each "X" mark indicates one point of popularity.
Report screen shows the summary of the move.
Here, each move you can see your popularity in all the groups.
Make sure that popularity level does not fall below the danger zone.
Gold crosses provide up to N20000 each turn.
X = 20.000
It is wise to rule with your decisions, in order to maintain the balance of all the groups.

My Majesty Tip #3: Avoiding Defeat.
If a golden "X" mark appears on the result screen by any of the factions, it indicates that your popularity
amongst this group is very high. For each golden mark you will receive a cash bonus.
Every 5 moves the best architects in the world raise or improve your castle one level.
Over the long period of time, this faction has not been in the red zone once.
For this reason, they have expressed their support and respect for you.
Your reputation has increased by 1 cross for all factions. The people love you!
Be aware that if one of the factions gathers ten golden crosses there will be a revolution in the kingdom.
Notable Person, you will meet more of them during your rule.
All your new notable acquaintances can be seen in the Gallery.

My Majesty Tip #4: The reasons for Defeat.

  • You bribed the faction, but didn't remove it from the red zone!
  • You have run out of money in the treasury!
  • You lost the war!
  • An assassination was attempted, and the guards didn't show up for you!
  • One faction became too wealthy and overthrew you!