Orbit Legends Cheats: Reedem Codes, 3 Events for Rewards, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Orbit Legends for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

System Game Launch Celebration, Leveling Reward, Star Isle Battle Ranking Reward, and Other Great Rewards!

Orbit Legends – Clash of Summoners Global version now going online! New quests now ready for launch! Great rewards await you every day!

For event details please read the following:

Orbit Legends Event #1: Reach Specified Summoner RANK to receive the following rewards:

<Event Period: Game Launch to October 1st 14:00 >

♦ Summoner RANK reaches 16, receive Star Stones x10
♦ Summoner RANK reaches 24, receive a Golden Armor Box x1 (Contains a random 3★~ 5★ armor set)

Orbit Legends Event #2: Invade Others, Accumulate PvP Score to Receive the Following:

<Event Period: Game Launch to October 1st 14:00 >

♦ PvP Score reaches 200, Receive Star Stones x10
♦ PvP Score reaches 800, Receive 4★Enhance Frog x5
♦ PvP Score reaches 1500, Receive Golden Helmet Box *1 (Contains a random 3★~ 5★helmet)

Orbit Legends Event #3: Exceptional Login Reward

<Event Start: Game Launch>
New players who login will receive the following rewards:
♦ Day 1: Star Stone x25
♦ Day 2: Red Potion x20
♦ Day 3: Golden 5★ Ticket*1 (May spend to use in the Golden 5★ Summon once, guaranteed to receive a 5★monster!)
♦ Day 4: Angel’s Wings x10
♦ Day 5: Star Stone x10
♦ Day 6: 5★Limit-break Frog x1 (May expend to break limit of a 5★or 6★monster.)
♦ Day 7: 5★ Archangel Rafael (Earth) *1

Login to not only get useful  5★ monsters, but also receive 5★ Monster Star Summon, lots of Star Stones, and limit break material that’s useful on all 5★ monsters. What great rewards, login and play together!

※Rewards use the number of login days as criteria, consecutive daily logins are not required.

※After the first 7 days of login rewards are given, the players will revert to receiving the normal login rewards.

Redeem Code: HHSTARSTONES100

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