Otogi Spirit Agents Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Spirits, Resources, Guide and Tricks

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Otogi Spirit for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Otogi Spirit Tip #1: Resources.
Make use of Free Summon Points in Free Summon to obtain new companions.
Make use of Invokers or Jewels in Jewel Summon to obtain powerful companions.
Make use of materials such as Megatamas to Enhance deamons and increase their abilities.
Even if you don't have any jewels, remember that there are certain, special times when you can perform jewel summons.

Otogi Spirit Tip #2: Spirits.
Spirits are classified into Divina, Anima and Phantasma. They have different weaknesses.
Divina are stronge against Phantasma.
Phantasma are strong against Anima.
Anima are strong againts Divina.
It's pointless to fight daemons that are out of your league so try to stay safe.
The team spirit type is decided by the Team Leader. The Team members spirit type provides an additional bonus to Spirit Type Nullify.
Under Team, you can form  multiple teams with varying spirit types.

Otogi Spirit Tip #3: Battle Tips.
Battle Length: Remember that battles have time limits! Don't take too long.
Fighting enemies with a skill doubles the drop rate of spirit essence shards and other rewards.
SE shards can be obtained randomly at the start of each wave, granted at fixed intervals during battle or dropped by enemies.
Spirit Essence replenishes at a rate of 1 point ever five minutes. Raise it faster by leveling up or using items.
Healers will automatically target the team member with the lowest HP.
After someone has helped you in battle, you can send them a friend request for future fights.

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