Pokeland Legends Cheats: Codes, 4 Quick Tips for Intimacy, Rating, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Pokeland Legends/Game of Monster for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Pokeland Legends Tip #1: Oppressive Attribute.
Oppressive attribute will show on green up arrow can attack double even quadruple damage.

Pokeland Legends Tip #2: Intimacy.
It shows the closeness between master and pet as a value.
When intimacy with a pet reaches a certain level the pet can finally realize it's full potential.

Pokeland Legends Tip #3: Friendship.
By giving the monster favorite gifts can upgrade your friendship level, it can improve your monsters skill also can unlock new functions.

Pokeland Legends Tip #4: Mission Rating.

  1. Higher scores equals better rewards.
  2. Defeat the enemy and release skills can improve scores. Attacked or monster die will reduce scores.
  3. Scores will be improved when progress bar is full. Scores are from 1 to 4 stars.

Contral enemies can get higher evaluation easier.

Pokeland Legends/Game of Monster CDKey Code: 1000diamonds.

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