ROTO RPG Cheats: Coupon Codes, 5 Best Tips for Equip, Rewards, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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ROTO RPG for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

ROTO RPG Tip #1: Managing Equipment.
Tap Auto-Equip Button for best-matched equipment.
Don't forget to use this button every time you obtain better equipment.
Equipment level can't exceed account level. Don't forget to upgrade your equipment when your account level goes up.
When you upgrade your masters equipment their abilities will go up.
You can upgrade one equipment at a time, you can even upgrade all equipped items at once.
Masters can be upgraded by Shards. Depending on grades of stars, Master's abilities will go up and skill slots will be open.

ROTO RPG Tip #2: Runes.
Nothing is better than Runes for raising the abilities of every team member. Remember that each Rune boosts a different ability.
Runes can be obtained from Arena and Daily Missions.
To upgrade Runes, you need Rune Powder, which can be obtained from desynthesis of extra runes.

ROTO RPG Tip #3: Masteries.
For every 10th level up you've achieve, you can choose 1 of 3 masteries available for that certain 10th level.
Choose carefully, masteries are helpful if you want to increase attack, defense etc. You can only choose one for every 10th level.

ROTO RPG Tip #4: Cores.
Cores are items that enable you to briefly wield great power by combining the powers of team members. You can equip only one Core at a time.
You need to gather all Core Shards to complete a Core.
Shards can be purchased from merchants and obtained fro the shop in Forest of Chaos.

ROTO RPG Tip #5: Event Rewards.
Attendance: It is recommended to login for the whole month to be able to get max rewards for that month. VIP can collect double rewards depending on it's VIP level.
Continuous: Depending on the days of consecutive logins, you can collect addtional rewards. Rewards are issued automatically according to the number of days logged in.
Recharge: Recharge once in every week to get bonus rewards.
Level Up: For every 5 levels you achieve, you will get rewards based on your level, the higher the level the higher rewards you will get.

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