Shadow Strike 2/Drone 2: Air Assault Cheats: Reedem Codes, 7 Quick Tips for Newbie, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Shadow Strike 2/Drone 2: Air Assault for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Touch and Drag on the screen to locate the Shield Emitter Ship - it's tethered to the Carrier by an Energy Beam.

Complete Missions to earn Cash, its required to Upgrade the weapons. XP will increase your level, when you level up, you earn gold.

If you see a surface to air missiles, just tap on the missile to deploy countermeasures.

Thunderbird Gunship and the Low level Super Raptor VTOLS are both powerful prototype ground attack aircraft with a wide array of upgradable Armaments.

Gems are a precious resource. War is an expensive business and those upgrades don't come for free.

Your Basic Power rating has to be equal to or greater than the required level. Each upgrade increases your basic power rating. If your aircraft is under-powered, you can't fly the mission.

Upgrade base elements to increase power and upgrade ships to increase base defense.

Shadow Strike 2/Drone 2: Air Assault Redeem Code Rewards: gems1000.

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