Sony Xperia X Compact Tips: 4 Best Tips you probably didn't know

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Sony Xperia X Compact Tip #1: How to avoid Overheating?
Usually Xperia Phones are always prone to overheat when using for a long duration of time.
Fortunately, you can avoid overheating by reducing your brightness level that is enough to be able to see your phone display.
You can also switch to WIFI internet Connection if you are using Mobile Data Internet Connect. Using Data will drain battery faster and overheat your phone.
Avoid using your Phone when being charged, it will overheat.
Don't also use your phone when you tethering a WIFI Hotspot, it will also overheat since Mobile Data is ON and tether uses a lot of background processing from your phone.
If you don't believe it, try charging your phone while enabling tether wifi, mobile data and simultanously use your phone.

Sony Xperia X Compact Tip #2: Battery Saving.
You can turn on Stamina Mode!
"It will prolongs battery time by disabling some functions of the device.
This mode will be activated at 15% battery."

However you can change it's auto start between 15% (default settings) to 95%.
You can also change it to always on or never.

"Stamina mode restricts device performance and some functions to reduce battery consumption"

If stamina mode is enabled, you cannot use background data such as downloading an app from playstore while using mobile data.
You can't also play GPS required apps such as Pokemon GO or other navigational apps since the GPS is disabled.

Sony Xperia X Compact Tip #3: Stereo Speakers.
Xperia X Compact is capable of producing stereo sounds from your loudspeakers.
Xperia X Compact has two loud speakers good. Left channel is found on the upper speaker and the righ channel is found on the bottom speaker.
You will hear a "3D effect" sounds when you play a movies, videos, games or songs that has stereo sounds.

Sony Xperia X Compact Tip #4: Changing Fonts.
Since Xperia X Compact has 4.6 inch screen, you might need to change your font size for easy viewing and to avoid eye strain.
This is why we pick Xperia X Compact because of it's size but the default font size may strain your eyes.
To change the default font size: Go to settings -> Display -> Font Size.

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