Star Crusade Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Cards, Mentorship, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Star Crusade for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

It is difficult to play Star Crusade if you don't know how battles work.
Strategy is needed to win at playing Star Crusade, you must carefully place your cards according to your deck and enemies cards.

Star Crusade Tip #1: Mentorship Code.
Every experienced player may become a mentor to novices.
To do this, a new player must enter your Mentor Code into the Special Code Tab.
When a new player enters your code that filayer officially becomes a trainee.
When the training period begin, the trainee has 20 of days to develop one of their commanders to Level 26.
If the trainee achieves this within the specified time, they will receive a reward for completion and and rank up to "Veteran'.
The Mentor will get a prize as well for sponsoring a dedicated new player.

Star Crusade Tip #2: How to Play and Attack.
Drag the card onto the field to deploy your unit.
Drag the slider up to end your turn.
Each turn, you draw a new card.
Drag your unit card to the enemy unit to attack it.
Each unit loses health equal to the enemy's attack.
Drag your tactic card to the enemy unit to target it.
Drag your unit card to the enemy commander to attack.
Your commander must have more than 0 attack to fight.
Reduce the enemy commander's health to 0 and you win!

Star Crusade Tip #3: Supply, Energy, Mobility and Module.
Each battle, you start with 1 supply.
Each turn, you get 1 extra supply.
You need to spend supply equal to a unit's cost to deploy it.
You receive energy equal to the cost of each destroyed unit.
Attacking your opponent also gives you energy.
The unit has screen, while it is in play, you cannot attack other enemies.
Choose a target and activate ability will work when the card is played from your hand.
Tap and hold on any card or unit to get more information.
Units with Mobility can attack immediately.
You can use special abilities called modules. This module costs energy to use.
To activate this module drag it to a friendly unit.

Star Crusade Tip #4: Replacement, Revenge and Cypher.
Before each battle you can replace your starting cards. Mark the most the most expensive cards for replacement.
Revenge will activate after the unit is destroyed. Be careful!
The player going second gets the "initiative" card.
Some cards can be enhanced by spending extra energy.
The Cypher was activated, but it will be triggered only after specific enemy actions.
Each booster pack has 6 cards including atleast one elite card!
You can get rewards for completing missions. Missions change daily so comeback often.

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