Starry Fantasy Online Cheats: 5 Best Tips for Classes, PK, Guide and Tricks

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Starry Fantasy Online for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Starry Fantasy Online Tip #1: Class Information.

1. Warrior
- Powerful Melee.
- Survivability.
- Physical Attack.

Can advance to
- Berserker.
- Paladin.

2. Mage
- Elemental Magic.
- Group Damage.
- Mana Shield.

Can advance to
- Ice Mage.
- Fire Mage.

3. Priest
- Supernatural Power.
- Group Damage.
- Recovery Magic.

Can advanced to
- Elemental Priest.
- Vodoo Priest.

Starry Fantasy Online Tip #2: Player Kill.
1. PK value start with 0, and increases by 30 for every white and yellow player kills.
2. White players have 0 PK value; yellow players have 1—89 PK value.
3. Red players have 90-500 PK value. The greater the PK value, the greater the debuff effects.
4. When white and yellow players attack other white or yellow players, they change to brown.
5. Brown names are temporarily. Brown status will be removed 60 seconds after leaving PK status
6. Every 20 sec online time reduces I PK value.
7. Using [Repentance Card] to instantly remove 100 PK value, purehasable at the Store.

Starry Fantasy Online Tip #3: Enhance.
1. Enhancements can greatly improve equipment combat power
2. Perfection level needs to be improved first. When Perfection level reaches 100%. the next star will be activated
3. Improving Perfection level can slightly increase enhancement attributes.
Activate a star can greatly improve enhancement attributes.
4. During the enhancement process, Perfection level will increase at random. Perfection level and stars will only increase

Starry Fantasy Online Tip #4: Amulet.
1. Amulet chests can be obtained via Chamber and Demon hunts as rewards
Open chests to obtain Amulets.
2. Higher player level can obtained Amulets with the higher rank.
3. There are 4 types offitlnulet. Amulets in the backpack can be used
to refine the equipped one if they are the same type.
4. A Amulet has 3-4 refinement attributes at the beginning.
It can be added to 7 at most through refinement.
5. During the refinement, it would be better to choose.
"add new attributes" or "white attributes" to refine.
6. After obtaining at higher rank of Amulet, you can transfer
the attributes from the original one to it.

Starry Fantasy Online Tip #5: Skills.
1. Using skills can increase skill proficiency level.
2. The higher the proficiency level, the lesser the leveling resources consumed.
3. Using the lst and Znd skills can increase the 5th ski]l's proficiency level.

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