Street Fighter: Puzzle Spirits Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Puzzle, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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SF Puzzle by CAPCOM for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Street Fighter: Puzzle Spirits Tip #1: How to Win?
Fighters are the characters who challenge the battles with you.
Each Fighter has an ability for the puzzle.
There are different abilities such as changing the puzzle at the start and changing the types of Spirits falling. Use it effectively, and you may win easily.
Each Fighter has Level, Attack Power, Defense Power, and HP. Winning a battle upgrades the Level and enhances the status. Make your Fighter stronger.

Try making your Skill Card or Fighter stronger. It's always good to get a strong Skill Card from Skill Drawing, too. It is important to remember the Attributes' relationship and use the Skills.
When you are stranded, try selecting a Friend who has a strong Leader Skill as a Helper.
Try many ways to challenge your enemy!

Street Fighter: Puzzle Spirits Tip #2: Leader Skill.
A Leader Skill is a special Skill that comes with a certain Skill.
Setting a Skill that has a Leader Skill in the "Leader Frame" which is located on the very left side of "Edit Skill Cards" enables the Leader Skill Effect in the battle. The effects of Leader Skills vary depending on the Skill so check out the details of the Skills.

Street Fighter: Puzzle Spirits Tip #3: Skill Card.
During a battle, you see the Skill Card shining very rarely. This is a chance to make the Skill Card "Shiny."
When you complete the battle with the Skill Card shining, it becomes Shiny with its status upgraded. If you lose the battle, the Skill Card will not become Shiny, so try your best to win when you see the Skill Card shining!

Street Fighter: Puzzle Spirits Tip #4: Combos.
Combos are consecutive attacks and fun features in the Street Fighter series! You can inflict considerable damage by using combos.
You can start combos by tapping Rainbow Spirits that are next to each other. When Combo time starts, the Combo area becomes shiny on the screen.
Combos are executed by tapping and collecting Spirits in the Combo area within the time limit. Where you collect Spirits becomes your next Combo area, so the key is to tap the area to expand it.

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