TAP STRIKERS Cheats: 3 Best Tips for DPS, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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TAP STRIKERS for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

TAP STRIKERS Tip #1: Increase Damage Per Second.

  • Upgrade your heroes and unlock skills.
  • Skills are needed to upgrade to cast powerful skills.
  • Manage Player's skill and tap power.
  • Check your power by DPS (Damage Per Second) Rating.

TAP STRIKERS Tip #2: Rebirth Benefits.
Rebirth players level 50, you can choose rebirth giving you rebirth bonus.
Rebirth Bonus:
Player Bonus - Depends on player level.
Hero Bonus - Depends on heroes level.
Stage Bonus - Depends on stages reached.

TAP STRIKERS Tip #3: Shop Upgrades.
Heroes: Unlock & Upgrade heroes and buy hero equipment.
Chest: You can open a chest for topaz.
Chest will get you hero equipment.
Relics: Buy & upgrade relics.
You can pay rebirth bonus only.
Catalog: Check & buy new relics.
You can see 6 random relics here that you do not have. You can refresh the list every hours for free.
You can't resell the relics once you purchased. The relics you have do not affect the price of next relics that you would buy.
Shop: You can either buy topaz or collect it for free. You can also buy buff items.
If no single hero stays alive, they revive at once and player with them start over from the first wave of the stage.