Titanfall: Frontline Cheats: 5 Best Tips for Decks, Supply, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Titanfall: Frontline by Nexon for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Titanfall: Frontline Tip #1: How to I embark (combine Pilot and Titan)?
Drag a Pilot over a deployed Titan, or vice versa, until you see the holographic embark animation. Once Pilot and Titan are joined, the combined unit will also have their combined damage and traits. Beware that when a Titan is defeated, Pilots with Auto-Eject will automatically escape and survive. The combined unit will be active or inactive after the embark based on their state current state.

Titanfall: Frontline Tip #2: How do Commander decks work?
Commanders come with a pre-built Commander deck that represents their unique playstyle. In a match, each turn you will draw both from your Dropship deck as well as from the Commander deck. However, you replace your Commander card between matches with a different commander deck loadout if you have collected new Commander deck cards. Commander Cards can be collected from Frontier War missions and through booster pack purchases.

Titanfall: Frontline Tip #3: How do I complete missions?
In order to start a mission, you'll need to have the necessary Supply and the correct cards to slot. You'll then need to assign cards to match the requirements for each of the mission slots.  The top slot is what determines the overall success of the mission, and is affected primarily by the rank of the card slotted into it, though slotting rare cards in other slots will also have a modest positive effect on the mission’s success chance. If the mission proper succeeds, each of the other slots is individually checked for success for bonus rewards.  The chance of success of these secondary slots is affected primarily by the rarity of the card slotted into it, though there is, as well, a positive effect from the rank of the card slotted in the top slot.

Titanfall: Frontline Tip #4: How do I get more Supply?
Supply ticks up automatically - even if you aren’t logged in - to a limit of 1000 Supply at a rate of one a minute. Participation in ranked head-to-head battles will also grant Supply, as well as in booster packs or as a result of some missions. Supply gained outside of the time tick can bring you above the normal limit of 1000 Supply.

Titanfall: Frontline Tip #5: How do I earn more tokens?
Tokens are earned by completing certain missions as well as playing ranked head-to-head card battles. All players receive 25 Tokens for completing the initial gameplay Tutorial.

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