Top Football Manager Cheats: 2 Best Tips for Winning Matches, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Top FM for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Top Football Manager Tip #1: Prepare in Advance.

Player Status
Before any match, if a red exclamation point (!) appears on the interface, then this indicates your team is ill-prepared. For example, player Energy or Morale may be too low or there are injured. These issues will affect a manager’s usual ability to command and need to be fixed immediately.

Pre-Match Analysis
When you preview a match, you can view all of your opponent’s abilities and formation, which is critical to setting tactics for the match.

Invite Friends to Watch
Managers can invite friends to watch their matches, increasing their players’ Morale. If the team wins, the club will receive more funds and rewards. These friends can also fulfill their own tasks and receive awards.

Top Football Manager Tip #2: In-Match Adjustment.

Substitutions and Tactics Changes
You train a thousand days for a single day of battle. In the tumultuous moments of a match, managers must respond to all kinds of sudden situations. If a player is injured or if his Energy is expended too quickly, mangers must put in a new player quickly. A losing strategy must be reinforced to change the tide, and an advantaged position must be guarded before it’s lost.

Match Summary
When a match ends, the system will provide an analysis of your performance so you can accurately adjust player position and formation to achieve even better results next time.

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