Vertigo Racing Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Upgrades, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Vertigo Racing by Chillingo for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Vertigo Racing Tip #1: Acceleration is a double edged sword!
There are 4 upgrade types for any cars available in this game.
Those are Speed, Acceleration, Fuel and Damage.
Upgrading Speed, Fuel and Damage will surely make your car "improve" in terms of increasing your travel distance (KM).
Although Damage won't directly improve your travel distance but it will make your car survive more from any obstacles thus indirectly increasing your travel distance.
Upgrading Acceleration doesn't guaranteed that you can improve your travel distance, in fact it may slow you down depending on the car and it's location.
You shouldn't upgrade Acceleration unless it is needed and it will be explain below.

Vertigo Racing Tip #2: Here's why you don't need Acceleration.

  1. Acceleration makes your car sensitive to braking, accelerating, and handling.
  2. When you use your brake, it will over-react by suddenly changing direction away from the road, since break will change direction of your car if it is in the curve road. This will make your car fall on the cliff and receiving damage from the side road obstacles.
  3. Accelerating coupled with a max speed will result into a higher jump when there is a bump in the road. Higher jump will make your car fall in the cliffs specially if it was at high speed.
  4. Handling are worse specially on a location that are too slippery such as snow. You will also experience difficult on handling your car when going to a zigzag road. 
  5. Acceleration is only needed when the car is naturally heavy and most importantly is what kind of location it is, such as dirt roads, etc. 
  6. Since most of the location are not "Acceleration" friendly, it is better to finish/complete those location without upgrading Acceleration! You need to collect trophies first before you can proceed to other locations.

Vertigo Racing Tip #3: Upgrade Priorities (Top to bottom).

  1. Speed: Speed increases your maximum speed but it doesn't affect the handling, braking and drifting in terms of difficulty. This is a sure way to improve your potential travel distance.
  2. Fuel: Fuel increases your maximum fuel capacity. When you collect a fuel, it will give you an exact amount of fuel (not in percentage) but it will not exceed to your maximum fuel capacity. Fuel are best to upgrade when reaching certain long distances since having a maximum fuel capacity at lower travel distance doesn't really help. 
  3. Damage: If you don't upgrade Acceleration, you will receive less damage from obstacles. Damage is only needed if you experience difficulty on handling your car.
  4. Acceleration: Acceleration is a double edged sword upgrade! You don't need sudden speed or acceleration in most of this game, you need better handling in this type of game.

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