Zeon Cheats: 5 Best Tips for Player Kill, Friends, Guide and Tricks

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Zeon for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Zeon Tip #1: Friends Intimacy.
1. Become friends to increase Intimacy, you can send flowers, perfume and pastries to your friends, or you can play Link-up and Secret Garden with your friends in order to get Intimacy.
2. When Intimacy reaches Lv.3, you‘ll become "Close Friends", and Teleporting will be available for both you and your friend.
3. When you're battling with your friends, based on Intimacy, there‘ll be EXP or Gold Bonus, increase your Intimacy and join battles with more friends!
4. Moving your friend into the blacklist will reset Intimacy and automatically delete that friend, after doing so you won't receive a word (even with a speaker),

Zeon Tip #2: Titles.
1. Equipping titles will give you Stats Bonus, while the higher-tier titles will give you more Bonus.
2. Achievement Titles, or higher level same-type titles will get equipped automatically.
3. Normal Titles are the same as Text Titles.

Zeon Tip #3: Player Kill.
[Peace Mode] mode:You can only attack players in the Red status.
[PK Mode] You can attack players who are not in the [Peace] mode and from a different camp, guild or team
[Gross Mode] You can attack any players who are not in the [Peace] mode
[Force Mode]  You can attack any player.
[Shield Mode]: Players who are killed in the [Peace] mode will enter the [Shield] mode for 30 minutes and can't be attacked by anyone.
Sin Point: If you defeat players from the same camp, guild or team you will increase your Sin Point.

Zeon Tip #4: Achievements Rewards.
1. Accomplishing Achievements will get you rewards, and by cumulating A_chievement points you can get an Achievement Title.
2. You'll get 1 Achievement Point once you have accomplished an Achievement.
3. You shall equip the Achievement Titles in the title list.
4. Different categories of Achievements and Achievement Points can‘t be simultaneously used.
5. In the interface, you can select and see the unaccomplished Achievements.
6. Any operation may give you a hidden Achievement.

Zeon Tip #5: VIP Benefits.
1. VIP player will get rewards, perks and daily gift packs.
2. Higher level VIP will get more perks and better gift packs.
3. Become a VIP player to unlock VIP medals,VIP dungeons, VIP wishing well etc., to help you quickly power up.
4. VIP players can get 1 gift packs everyday. If not claimed, the gift pack will be reset.
5. High level VIP will cover all the lower level VIP perks.

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